Top 30 Best Legit Paid Online Survey Sites 2016

Top 30 Best Legit Survey Sites

Top 30 Best Legit Survey Sites

Looking for the best paid survey sites 2016? Here we reviewed the top 30 best legit online paid survey websites that pay via paypal, Check etc to earn money in 2016, so if you are looking for at least top 30 best survey sites, then you are in the right place.

Finding Legitimate Survey Sites

Do yo find it difficult getting legitimate paid surveys? If you have been scam several times by online survey sites and looking for the true paying surveys then this post has all the guidelines you need to find those legitimate paid surveys you are searching for.

There are lots of survey websites claiming to be paying surveys, you register and start working with most of them unfortunately discovered eventually that they are nothing but scammers! While your money gone with the wind! You are not alone in this situation, I have had a fair share of it.

After a lot of disappointments, I was able to discover various ways to dictate and avoid scam survey sites. These discoveries I believe will be of good help to anybody aiming to make money online through surveys.

How To Discover Scam Surveys:
1. Any survey website that asks you to pay a certain amount of money before you can join are nothing but scam. You are even doing them a favour by completing surveys. They are paid a certain commission by their sponsors for each survey you fill. So asking for a joining fee is ridiculous.

2. Do a scam Search on Google by typing the name of the site eg “ipsos scam” you will see what people are saying about the site. If there is more complaints than good feedbacks, avoid them.

3. Stay clear off any survey website that does not state on their sites how to pay their members.

4. Don’t join any survey site that has high cashout minimum such as $100 and above.

5. Stay clear off survey sites that ask for your credit card details during registrations.

Legitimate Paid Surveys

1. Any paid survey site that has a forum is a potential legitimate paid survey website. Forum is a good sign that they are here to stay. You can easily ask their members for feedback about the site.

2. Legitimate paid surveys should have a lot of payment proofs all over the internet.

3. And any legitimate paid survey site would have a lot of payment methods with a very low minimum cashout.

In case you need a quick lists of some legitimate paid surveys 2014 then the listed sites below will be of good help to you:

Attached to every website listed are few details to give you an insight into what to expect. To get more info on such website feel free to click on them.

Top 30 Best Paid Online Survey Sites

List of Best Legitimate Survey Sites

List of Best Legitimate Survey Sites

Below are the lists of the we are talking about, each of the sites is briefly explained so if you need more info you may click on the name or image for a quick visit.

Cashcrate – Are you aware that companies are paying top dollars just to have people like you to test their products and service for free? At cashcrate, money are passed to you just for filling surveys. Not only that, you will also get paid daily for completing daily surveys, cashback on every purchase you made at hundred of your favourite online retailers and also earn cash rewards for every referrals you send for life. Earn points when you socialized, play games and win contests. Cashcrate is currently one of the best paying survey sites online, unfortunately, their surveys are only meant for members in USA,UK and CANADA and the payment methods are direct bank deposit, paypal, payza, dwolla and check.

Surveysavvy is one of the best survey sites that accept international members without preferential treatment. It is one survey site that connects people with the companies that pay them cash for every survey they complete. Here members must register and complete their profiles’ info and the info is used to target various demographic accounts so that when the survey matches the profile of a member then an invitation will be sent through mail, members are required to check their emails regularly. The payment method is Check.

Get paid is one of the best survey sites that pay members with coins. Coins are currency which can be earned in many ways such as completing surveys, tasks, watching videos and making referrals. And those points can later be redeemed for cash or prizes in their store. To start earning with them just head to EARN COIN section their site you will find the lists of earning methods such as surveys, offers, and tasks. The payment methods are paypal, payza, webmoney, neteler, western union and moneybookers.

Point2shop is a piad survey site with over 5 million members, they have being online and paying for over 4 years without complaints. It is completely free like the above sites and there are so many ways members can earn cash or points and points are redeemed for any products on amazon. New members are given a bonus of $0.50 upon registration and the American members have three referral levels for: 15%, 3% and 2%. Receive up to $1.00 for every American member you refer. The payment methods are paypal, payza, dwolla, check and amazon gift cards and the minimum cashout is $0.50 within 24 hours.

Treasuretrooper is a top survey site that has being online and paying millions of dollars to all its members since 2005. One of the top on the web.With treasuretrooper, you can make a decent amount of money each day which adds up fast and there are several ways to earn with them such as surveys, task, videos listening to Radio, Playing games and lot more! The site accepts international members and the minimum cashout is $20 via check, paypal, amazon and visa gift card. Highly Recommended!

best paid survey sites
Superpayme is one of the best paid survey sites2014 with several ways members can make money online such as surveys, paid to click, offers etc. They accept international members and they are given equal opportunities. Just register a free account and start earning. The payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Moneybooker or Amazon gift cards.

Swagbucks is one of the best paid survey sites 2014 dedicated to helping people earn digital dollars called “swagbucks” which can be redeem for exclusive merchandise. There are various ways to earn with them, such as Searching The Web, Watching Videos, Complete Surveys, Shopping On Their Shop and Earn Mall, Completing special offers, Voting In Daily Polls, Finding Swag Codes, Playing Games and inviting your friends to join. Redeem swagbucks for hundreds of gift cards, entertainment coupon or swagstakes Entries. By signing up with ipoll you are giving feedbacks about their products and services. And one of the Once you register on the site and tell a bit about yourself your preference will be matched to unique survey opportunities. Members can take surveys and get rewarded for their inputs. And the more survey opportunity they get the more reward you receive. access is one the best survey sites that consist of hundreds of thousands of people who share their opinions. Members take surveys and help to shape the products and services use in our everyday lives. Member have the opportunity to fill surveys and influence the marketplace on a wide variety of subjects. As a member, you may even see new ideas and test new products and services before they go public. is one of the oldest paid survey sites that send invitation via email for surveys that match member’s profile and can be completed at member’s leisure time. And each survey takes at least 20 minutes to complete and members are rewarded for surveys taken. Refer friends by completing an invitation form and earn rewards. Here their paid surveys are not only fun, members can equally make easy money for their opinions as part of their valued member panel. If you like participating in tropical and fun surveys it will be very interesting because with them you will be paid at the same time. They specialize in popular opinions that cover a wide range of consumer interests and subjects.

Mysurvey is one of the oldest best survey sites online with good feedbacks. Companies currently use market research product creation and marketing so by taking part in their surveys you will help to develop new products and shape the products you see on stores and services offered to you, and advertisement you see on television and newspapers. Mysurvey surveys cover all range of topics such as products and services, current social developments, how people assess newspapers or television programmes etc.

Onepoll is one of top paid survey sites popular for their speedy surveys, it is a survey site that runs surveys for the Press on interesting questions about celebrities and personal relationships. It does not operate like other survey sites and does not send email to members for survey invitations, member must login every day to check surveys.

Pinecode is one of the best survey sites that pay big bucks, unfortunately surveys are by invitation only and the registration process is very limited, people can only register when they are invited through the site placed adverts.

Value opinion a paid survey site looking for people who can provide honest opinions and get paid for it. As a member you will get the chance to influence the future of products and services. And when you invite your friends to VP you will get paid $1 for each friend that becomes a member through you. Invite as many friends as possible and get paid for first 5 friends that qualify (per 3 months).

Panel opinion is a paid survey site that sends surveys invitation based on the member’s profile such as age, gender, location etc. Members are given the chance to participate in different questionnaires and members are paid in cash based on the time they spend in completing a survey. The minimum cashout is $10.

Surveyfriend is one of the UK best paid survey sites that accept every member above the age of 15 who is residing in UK and who also have access to the internet. Members are given points for participating in surveys and the points can be used to bet on prizes.

Vanoson Bourne is a paid survey site for professionals. They invite members for surveys through email. Members are paid based on the length and type. Rewards are made clear on the invitation email and once members have completed the survey satisfactorily the survey reward will be credited to his/her account.

Opinion outpost is one of the best paid survey sites 2014 that provide survey opportunities to their members in exchange for rewards. Earn points that are redeemable for cash which can be quickly converted with a minimum value of $2.50. Members also earn an entry into their quarterly prize draw for a chance to win up to $5.00. The more surveys members complete the better chances they have to win. The payment method is paypal and only members from UK are accepted.

Opinion world is a survey site that offers people the opportunities to share their ideas and get rewarded by a lot of exciting rewards. They do not only reward members for completing surveys but also organizes many special promotions and games chances of winning exciting rewards. Members have the choice of donating their earnings to charity of their interests. is a paid survey site that members are rewarded with points for every surveys they take, poll they create and friends they refer. Points are redeemed for gift cards which is usually email to your box or mail. You will have to log into your account daily to look for available surveys. is one of the best paid survey sites where members fill out surveys about Legal disputes through watching of video and providing feedbacks to them. You will earn an Amazon gift card rewards that worth $5 for every survey you fill. Only USA member under the age of 18 and above are accepted. And because of high demands new members may not receive survey for a period of time. is a paid survey site that users earn cash via Paypal for completing online surveys and mystery shopping. There is no points system here however 6 GBP is the least requirement in account before you can automatically receive Paypal payment. is online paid survey site that offers cash through Paypal for every mobile surveys and online surveys they completed. Make sure to fill out your profile and provide your correct phone number so as to get phone surveys too. The minimum requirement for cashout is $15.

We hope the above listed best paid survey sites will be of great use to your online income. This page will be updated regularly so if you need more info you may bookmark it for a regular quick visits.

How to Make Money Taking Surveys

How to Make Money Taking Surveys

You may use the comment box below if you have any question or opinion on the above listed top 30 legitimate best paid surveys sites.

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